Long Distance & Interstate Moving

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Long distance moving services

We know that "they" say that moving is one of the most stressful things in life, especially long distance moving, but we believe that moving can be fun. It all depends how you look at it and who you hire to help you do it. Let us move you from here to there in one, long, happy trip with our long distance moving service.

Our long distance moving make sure you'll have a safe long distance moving experience.

We can't help you enroll the kids in a new school or tell you about the best restaurants in your new town, but we can certainly make sure you have everything on time and for a price that won't cut into your house paint budget.

Keep costs down with our long distance moving services!

We will give you the most fun move at the lowest possible cost. KINGS Moving & Storage INC is dedicated to providing you with a lower final bill for your long distance moving services.

The more information you provide, the better we are able to prepare and keep costs down. There are no hidden charges – the costs of long distance moving are within your control.

The cost of your long distance move is based on:

  1. 1 CF of your shipment and distance you are moving
  2. 2 The number of extra services, such as packing & unpacking
  3. 3 Your choice of additional valuation for your items

Pick-Up Spread

To consolidate loads and get from "here to there", it will take some time. Our Long Distance Dispatch Team will stay in contact with you throughout the move to keep you informed about the day for pick-up and delivery for your long distance move.

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